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Electric motors, electric, hydro and turbo generators, etc.

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying asynchronous short-circuited motors, synchronous motors, hydro and turbo generators, traction motors. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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NPO Leningrad Electric Machine Building Plant has been operating on the market of electric machines since 1933. The plant produces large electric machines with a capacity of 100 kW and above. LAMZ electric motors and generators work in all industries, agriculture and have received well-deserved recognition from customers for high efficiency and reliability.

    The company uses its many years of experience, as well as researches and implements the best practices of the best electrical engineering enterprises, using it as a foundation for its own scientific and managerial innovations.

    Based on the rich experience of engineering and design developments, the company offers its customers a wide range of models of electric motors and generators for various purposes.

    The quality management system for the design, production and maintenance of all products manufactured by the enterprise is certified for compliance with the international ISO standard and the Russian GOST.

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Asynchronous short-circuited motors, synchronous motors, hydro and turbo generators, traction motors
  • Короткозамкнутые двигатели LAMZ
    Короткозамкнутые двигатели
    А4, ДАЗО, ДАМШ и др.
  • Двигатели с фазным ротором LAMZ
    Двигатели с фазным ротором
    АК4, АКШ, ДАФЗ и др.
  • Синхронные двигатели LAMZ
    Синхронные двигатели
    СДН, СДНЗ, СДСЗ и др.
  • Синхронные дизельгенераторы LAMZ
    Синхронные дизельгенераторы
    ГСБ, СГ, СГД и др.
  • Гидрогенераторы LAMZ
    ГС, СГВ, СМ, СМВ и др.
  • Турбогенераторы LAMZ
    ТПС, ТГС и др.
  • Тяговые двигатели LAMZ
    Тяговые двигатели
    ДТА, ТАД, ДАТ и др.
  • Токоприемники экскаваторные LAMZ
    Токоприемники экскаваторные
    ТКЭ0, ТКЭ14, ТКЭ23 и др.

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