Shipping throughout Russia and to other countries

  • Easy payment methods
  • We work with companies and individual persons
  • Money-back guarantee

Non-cash payment for companies

If the LAMZ products are purchased by a company, our managers will invoice you for payment:

  • Please comply with the payment period on your invoice. Payment period may be extended; please contact your account manager for more information.
  • The products will be shipped after the payment is credited to our company account.
  • Terms of shipment to other regions include the delivery time to a transportation company. After that the delivery terms depend on conditions of the transport company.

Payment by bank details or QR code

Please make the payment for LAMZ according to our invoice in either your bank, online bank, or bank mobile app:

  • Please fill in the details.
  • Or scan the QR on the invoice.

Card payment online

Online payment is possible after our manager checks and confirms the order. You will receive a link to the payment service page; enter your card’s details and log in.

To pay online, enter:

  • your card number,
  • validity date — month/year,
  • CVV (Visa) / CVC (Master Card): 3 numbers on the back of your card.

If your card has no CVC / CVV it is possible that your card is not valid for CNP transactions (i.e. transactions made without the card itself, but using its details); in this case you need to contact your bank for further information.

If you experience any problems with electronic payment, please inform your manager.

All LAMZ products

Asynchronous short-circuited motors, synchronous motors, hydro and turbo generators, traction motors
  • Короткозамкнутые двигатели LAMZ
    Короткозамкнутые двигатели
    А4, ДАЗО, ДАМШ и др.
  • Двигатели с фазным ротором LAMZ
    Двигатели с фазным ротором
    АК4, АКШ, ДАФЗ и др.
  • Синхронные двигатели LAMZ
    Синхронные двигатели
    СДН, СДНЗ, СДСЗ и др.
  • Синхронные дизельгенераторы LAMZ
    Синхронные дизельгенераторы
    ГСБ, СГ, СГД и др.
  • Гидрогенераторы LAMZ
    ГС, СГВ, СМ, СМВ и др.
  • Турбогенераторы LAMZ
    ТПС, ТГС и др.
  • Тяговые двигатели LAMZ
    Тяговые двигатели
    ДТА, ТАД, ДАТ и др.
  • Токоприемники экскаваторные LAMZ
    Токоприемники экскаваторные
    ТКЭ0, ТКЭ14, ТКЭ23 и др.


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