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By purchasing the product from our company (hereinafter the Seller), you can expect compliance with the warranty obligations, including warranty and post-warranty service. The warranty also applies to all services provided by our company's technical specialists.
If you discover any malfunction of the product during the warranty period, you need to fill out a complaint form and send it to the manufacturer's service centers specified in the warranty card or in the user manual. You can also request assistance in organizing maintenance and repair at the manufacturing factory from our specialists:
  • Warranty repair is free of charge.
  • The customer will pay for the delivery and repair costs if the product's malfunction is due to the customer's fault.
All issues relating to the replacement and return of the equipment shall be resolved in full accordance with Russian legislation.
Equipment of adequate quality is not subject to replacement or return, according to paragraph 11 of the List of non-food items of adequate quality not subject to return or replacement for similar goods.
The decision concerning the return, replacement, or repair of defective equipment is made by the manufacturer of the equipment and is implemented through the seller or through a service center chain.

All LAMZ products

Asynchronous short-circuited motors, synchronous motors, hydro and turbo generators, traction motors
  • Короткозамкнутые двигатели LAMZ
    Короткозамкнутые двигатели
    А4, ДАЗО, ДАМШ и др.
  • Двигатели с фазным ротором LAMZ
    Двигатели с фазным ротором
    АК4, АКШ, ДАФЗ и др.
  • Синхронные двигатели LAMZ
    Синхронные двигатели
    СДН, СДНЗ, СДСЗ и др.
  • Синхронные дизельгенераторы LAMZ
    Синхронные дизельгенераторы
    ГСБ, СГ, СГД и др.
  • Гидрогенераторы LAMZ
    ГС, СГВ, СМ, СМВ и др.
  • Турбогенераторы LAMZ
    ТПС, ТГС и др.
  • Тяговые двигатели LAMZ
    Тяговые двигатели
    ДТА, ТАД, ДАТ и др.
  • Токоприемники экскаваторные LAMZ
    Токоприемники экскаваторные
    ТКЭ0, ТКЭ14, ТКЭ23 и др.


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